AgilePQ offers an end-to-end, data-in-transit security solution designed and engineered with constrained IoT endpoint devices in mind, while being robust enough to be quantum-safe.

Customizable Deployment

The AgilePQ Platform offers an unrivaled level of versatility and can be customized to secure any business’ unique network configuration needs—from edge to cloud.

Small Footprint

•  2KB library fits virtually anywhere
•  Runs on the smallest (class 0/1) microcontrollers
•  Fast, power-efficient, and lightweight cryptography algorithms more suitable for IoT than legacy standards

Implementation Use Cases:

A global IoT device manufacturer is using AgilePQ SLiM to save operating costs by placing our platform on micro-controllers, eliminating the need for a second chip required to run AES/TLS. This IoT device manufacturer is also saving significant bandwidth costs using AgilePQ.

Wireless protocol providers (Bluetooth, SigFox, LoRa, Cellular, etc.) integrate AgilePQ in their IoT products to reduce overhead traffic, increase packet delivery speed, reduce power consumption at the IoT device level and ensure full security for all data in transit. Wireless providers are recognizing that delivery of SLiM security at the wireless-provider level provides clear competitive advantage for IoT developers to use their protocol and create highly efficient wireless systems by eliminating clandestine traffic that unnecessarily uses valuable spectrum and often create over billing customers from traffic unrelated to the IoT device functions.


Quantum computing-resistant security  •
Integrates today’s crypto best-practices to provide long-lasting security  •
Key search-space 429 orders of magnitude greater than AES 256  •

Implementation use case:
The American Gas Association is actively investigating quantum-resistant solutions for all new deployments. Large utilities are also evaluating AgilePQ SLiM to achieve quantum-resistant IoT device security for their IoT architecture.


•  Key size can be tailored and optimized to the communications environment
•  Minimal to zero overhead
•  Can handle large data files or minimal block sizes—down to 4 bytes
•  Stream cipher capability to efficiently secure varying small size packets

Implementation use cases:
A heavy-haul rail company with a Positive Train Control (PTC) system has a fixed 247-bit packet size. Block ciphers, typically being 16- or 32-byte blocks, do not divide well into 247. AgilePQ technology has the agility to provide a key perfectly matching the 247-bit packet—delivering a quantum-resistant solution without modifying the packet size.

Gateway security developers (both hardware and software) use AgilePQ SLiM to dramatically accelerate encryption and reduce packet overhead leading to significantly more traffic running through existing systems.


Consumes 50% – 80% less battery power than AES / TLS  •
Faster than hardware-accelerated AES / TLS on all platforms  •
Performs encode / decode in 1⁄2 to 1⁄4 the time of AES / TLS  •
Most efficient security on the market  •
Tested and verified on a range of platforms  •

Implementation use case:
Manufacturers of electronic shelf label devices (Class 0 devices with highly constrained computing resources) in the retail industry are using AgilePQ to protect their customers from intrusion by bad actors leading to data theft, competitive data voyeurism, unauthorized on-screen data messages, and securing the device from use as a zombie in a DDoS attack.