Lightweight Encryption and Data Security for IoT Devices

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AgilePQ’s solution provides the only security and encryption that fits on all IoT devices, no matter how small. AgilePQ is dedicated to modernizing encryption technologies to confront the most urgent data security needs by providing the shifting IoT industry with a device level data security solution that allows manufacturers and businesses to secure every device at the edge. 

Mobile Network Operators

A security solution for network operators to ensure customer privacy, securing both individual IoT devices and lossy constrained networks

IoT Device Manufacturers

An IoT security solution that is efficient and effective by securing each individual device where no other company can


Helping strengthen government security efforts against DDoS attacks and preparing for the future

Future-Proof Security

The average estimated lifespan of an IoT device is 15 years. With quantum computing threats becoming a reality in as little as 5 years, device deployments today must be quantum-safe.  Otherwise, in the near future, devices will have to be replaced to keep network systems secure from these emerging threats. AgilePQ offers quantum-safe solutions for an entire business network.

Secure Connections for NB-IoT, LTE-M Networks

Efficient, encrypted, reliable session establishment for IoT devices on lossy and constrained IoT network environments (NB-IoT, LTE-M, SigFox, and LoRaWan).  AgilePQ technology also secures 5G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other proprietary radio connections.

Security That Fits Everywhere

AgilePQ secures even the smallest IoT endpoint devices with our lightweight crypto solutions. With a footprint as small as 2kb there is virtually no part of the edge AgilePQ cannot protect.

Customizable Deployment

The AgilePQ Platform offers an unrivaled level of versatility and can be customized to secure any business’ unique network configuration needs—from edge to cloud.

End-to-End Quantum-Safe Security, Improved Performance

Memory Footprint < 2.4 KB

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1/10th Data to Connect vs. TLS

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Up to 8x Faster Processing

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Up to 80% Battery Savings

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AgilePQ is a critical solution in the fight to secure the most rapidly growing sector of tech—internet of things devices—which encompasses devices that are often too small to handle the energy and computing power requirements of current cryptography standards. AgilePQ brings a technology that meets both of these needs, while at the same time providing security that far exceeds the current standard. It’s frankly astounding.

Mark Anderson
Founder and Publisher, Strategic News Service

AgilePQ’s core technology has been validated by several independent
institutions including:

“After several months of analysis, we could find no feasible attack against the system”

-Dr. Russell Impagliazzo, UC San Diego

The AgilePQ Leadership Team


The AgilePQ team includes the world’s thought leaders on cryptography and data security.  Click the links on the right or contact us to learn more.

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