MNO Solution

Secure Mobile Networks and the Devices Connected

Mobile network operators are expanding their capabilities and have many IoT devices connected to their networks. With the growth of IoT devices, these lossy and constrained networks are vulnerable through endpoint device attacks. Unfortunately 98% of these devices are unencrypted and unsecured, and when they are equipped with security, it comes at with the cost of processing speed and memory space. AgilePQ’s solution provides security for the whole network and each device connected, without hindering performance.


How the Network is Secured

  • Full encryption: Both the network and devices are fully encrypted with a solution that far surpasses current encryption standards.
  • Operates on a wide variety of network environments: AgilePQ provides a true end-to-end security solution with the ability to operate on IoT network environments along with radio networks
  • Doesn’t hinder processing Speeds: processing speeds are not inversely effected by the implementation of AgilePQ’s SLiM solution.

For a more in depth description of features, explore our solutions or contact us as our solution is flexible to fit a range of devices and networks.

Use Case

Wireless protocol providers (Bluetooth, SigFox, LoRa, Cellular, etc.) integrate AgilePQ in their IoT products to reduce overhead traffic, increase packet delivery speed, reduce power consumption at the IoT device level and ensure full security for all data in transit. Wireless providers are recognizing that delivery of SLiM security at the wireless-provider level provides clear competitive advantage for IoT developers to use their protocol and create highly efficient wireless systems by eliminating clandestine traffic that unnecessarily uses valuable spectrum and often create over billing customers from traffic unrelated to the IoT device functions.