IoT Manufacturers

Security Solution for IoT Manufacturers

IoT device manufacturers can shift the norm and implement security into the design of the devices. Implementing the IoT security solution helps reduce unnecessary risks associated with potential malicious activity along with creating reliability in the device wherever it may operate. The AgilePQ solution provides each IoT device with full encryption and can fit on virtually any device.


How Devices are Secured

  • Full encryption: Each individual device is equipped with security software. Both cellular and non-cellular networks are also secured with software libraries that easily integrate with device firmware.
  • Increased battery efficiency: Without a hindrance on processing, the device becomes more efficient and consumes less battery power.
  • Small footprint: The software library only takes up 2KB of memory space, allowing the software to be implemented on small devices. 

For a more in depth description of features, explore our solutions or contact us, as our solution is flexible to fit a range of devices and networks.

Use Case

Manufacturers of electronic shelf label devices (Class 0 devices with highly constrained computing resources) in the retail industry are using AgilePQ to protect their customers from intrusion by bad actors leading to data theft, competitive data voyeurism, unauthorized on-screen data messages, and securing the device from use as a zombie in a DDoS attack.