CENTRI Solves Security Challenges for Device Makers

Company to Demonstrate CENTRI IoTAS Security Platform to Leading Hardware Providers at the 2017 IoT Device Security Summit

SEATTLE, WA – September 26, 2017 – CENTRI, a provider of advanced security for the Internet of Things, today announced their sponsorship of the 2017 IoT Device Security Summit, September 28, at the Mezzanine Foyer, 2nd level, Hyatt Regency Santa Clara, CA.

CENTRI will demonstrate their Internet of Things Advanced Security – IoTAS platform – a purpose-built solution designed for IoT device makers enabling them to solve the problem of IoT security from chip to Cloud. CENTRI IoTAS provides device authentication using machine-based ID, data protection and optimization anywhere the data exists and user-friendly data intelligence dashboards for administrators. With an endpoint footprint as small as 50 kB, CENTRI IoTAS is a flexible and ideal choice, providing heavyweight security in a lightweight package for a wide variety of devices.

“CENTRI IoTAS gives device makers a stronger choice than DIY efforts or poorly designed enterprise solutions and will give them a distinct advantage in the marketplace,” said Vaughan Emery, CEO and President, CENTRI Technology. “We look forward to demonstrating first-hand at the IoT Device Security Summit how IoTAS can eliminate business risk for device makers and their customers.”

For product demonstrations and more information on CENTRI’s leadership on IoT security, visit their station at the event and connect with the company on LinkedInFacebook and follow @CentriTech on Twitter.

CENTRI provides a complete, advanced security solution for the Internet of Things. Our flexible, software-only platform enables thing makers and developers to quickly get to market with purpose-built IoT security to protect their data from chip to Cloud. CENTRI eliminates your risk of data theft and delivers device integrity with modern, standards-based technologies for the connected world. For more information visit centritechnology.com or email us at sales@centritechnology.com.