AgilePQ Secures IoT Endpoints With Key Partner

AgilePQ and iBoT achieve a breakthrough milestone in the IoT industry by providing scalable IoT security to Class 0/1 endpoints for Global 500 company products

SAN DIEGO, Sept. 12, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — AgilePQ announced the successful integration and implementation of its revolutionary AgilePQ SLiM (Secure Last IoT Mile) security platform with iBot Control Systems. The collaboration between AgilePQ and iBot enables end-to-end secure data in transit from the smallest endpoint devices to the cloud. AgilePQ’s platform technology enables iBot’s customers to transform business models and monetize untapped IoT assets requiring absolute security to the evolving IoT edge.

The AgilePQ SLiM solution secures end-to-end data in transit and bidirectional communications of constrained (e.g., Class 0, 1, 2) devices with full security, deploying a key space that is hundreds of orders of magnitude larger than AES-256/TLS. Millions of resource-constrained devices are being deployed without data security, exposing them to a multitude of risks. The small footprint of AgilePQ’s SLiM technology (less than 2.4 KB) is the only solution that delivers full quantum computing-resistant security for the proliferation of connected, low-cost, battery-powered, memory-constrained endpoint IoT devices.

AgilePQ SLiM was designed and engineered for the new computing paradigm of resource-constrained IoT devices. It operates at speeds up to 8x faster than AES/TLS legacy systems, while consuming 50% less energy. SLiM is delivered to AgilePQ customers as a fully provisioned and documented deployment tool that has been integrated into multiple major microprocessor families and platforms (e.g., Intel, TI, ARM, MIPS, Espressif, Arduino, etc.), all major programming languages and operating systems, and with all major cloud services (e.g., Microsoft Azure, IBM Bluemix, etc.).

Commenting on the successful implementation of the SLiM solution with iBot, AgilePQ CEO, Paul Clayson, said, “With broad global growth of intrusion by bad actors into corporate, government, and consumer networks through newly deployed IoT devices, the security discussion has moved from the engineering conference rooms to the Board room. Until the launch of AgilePQ SLiM, no fully provisioned security solution for Class 0 and Class 1 devices existed. iBot’s integration and successful implementations into products of Global 500 companies provides a global model for protecting valuable network assets with resource-constrained endpoint devices planned or deployed without a secure last IoT mile.”

IBot builds meta-products called connected processors using a combination of electronics, telecommunications, firmware, and cloud capabilities to help makers create connected experiences for themselves and their customers. iBot Founder and CEO Ravi Subramanyam remarked: “Our world-class enterprise IoT hardware and cloud platform needed an equally world-class security architecture that would stand up not only to today’s needs, but also in a post-quantum era. Our partnership with AgilePQ allowed us to speed up security delivery across the cyber-physical space at low power requirements and reduced cost to ensure secure operations across our product portfolio today and into the future.”

AgilePQ is working with multiple companies, governments, solution providers, integrators, application enablement platforms, and OEMs to integrate SLiM into future product offerings for secure IoT solutions.

About AgilePQ
AgilePQ is a pioneer in IoT security with offices in San Diego, California and Salt Lake City, Utah. The company has developed a complete IoT endpoint security solution for the evolving edge that is quantum-computing resistant. The AgilePQ SLiM IoT solution fits in 2.4 KB and can confidently Provision, Deploy, Identify, Authenticate, and Authorize all IoT devices, no matter how small. SLiM seamlessly integrates with an organization’s existing network and cloud infrastructure, including endpoint devices incapable of utilizing TLS. With AgilePQ’s advanced security solution, businesses and IoT manufacturers can secure IoT devices today and future-proof their environments for tomorrow. For more information and to engage with our team, please visit

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Ron Brumfield
VP Product Strategy