AgilePQ Named a 2019 FiReStarter Innovator

AgilePQ Honored by the Future in Review Conference

La Jolla, California — October 29, 2019 — AgilePQ, a company at the cutting edge of encryption and quantum security, was named a 2019 FiReStarter at the Future in Review (FiRe) Conference, an award recognizing companies “on the cusp of making great strides in improving our world.” The FiRe conference, presented by the Strategic News Service (SNS,) focuses on the intersection of technology and the economy and is touted by The Economist as “The best technology conference in the world.”

“AgilePQ is a critical solution in the fight to secure the most rapidly growing sector of tech—internet of things devices—which encompasses devices that are often too small to handle the energy and computing power requirements of current cryptography standards,” says Mark Anderson, founder and publisher of the Strategic News Service.  “AgilePQ brings a technology that meets both of these needs, while at the same time providing security that far exceeds the current standard.  It’s frankly astounding.”

“At a time where over 20 billion Internet of things (IoT) devices will be deployed by the end of the year—90% of which will have inadequate or no security—AgilePQ has developed a revolutionary full security product that can operate on even the smallest of IoT devices and scale through the enterprise network system,” notes Paul Clayson, AgilePQ’s CEO. “Our software solution protects data using existing hardware, and the market is adopting our solution rapidly.  We currently have contracts to deploy our technology on over 300 million devices over the next three years.”


About AgilePQ

AgilePQ provides quantum-safe enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) security solutions. Headquartered in Salt Lake City with offices in Seattle the company has developed a complete IoT endpoint security solution for the evolving edge that is quantum-computing resistant. The AgilePQ SLiM IoT solution fits in 2.4 KB and can confidently provision, deploy, identify, authenticate, and authorize all IoT devices, no matter how small. SLiM integrates seamlessly with an organization’s existing network and cloud infrastructure, including endpoint devices incapable of using legacy IPSec. For more information, please visit