About AgilePQ

AgilePQ is the leading quantum-safe IoT security company.

AgilePQ began as the brainchild of Colonel Bruce Conway, a specialist in military and satellite communications for the U.S. Air Force. Bruce spent years researching methods for improving secure communication links with unmanned aerial vehicles, including those used in the Strategic Defense Initiative. Years later, he retired from the military but continued his passion for research and discovery.

In 2015, a team of industry experts came together to transform the initial AgilePQ patents into solutions for today’s most formidable data communication challenges, including protecting tiny “Internet of Things” (IoT) devices and preparing for hackers with quantum computers.

AgilePQ is currently a member of the Quantum Industry Coalition, led by K&L Gates, and the Quantum Alliance Initiative, led by The Hudson Institute.

What We Do

AgilePQ provides post-quantum, lightweight, end-to-end communications security for constrained IoT devices up through the enterprise network.

IoT Data Transmission

Enabling secure data transmissions from small devices directly into the cloud for rapid analytics and business decisions.

Digital Network

Secure Communications

Securing data communications for environments where there is no compute stack to protect communication, such as rail lines and utilities, and all M2M (machine to machine) and H2M (human to machine) devices.

Reduced Power Consumption

Extending IoT device longevity by leveraging cutting-edge lightweight cryptography with a footprint as small as 2.4 kB.

Leadership Team

AgilePQ Headquarters

10653 River Front Parkway
Suite #140
South Jordan, UT  84095